There are many people want to rent a car for 7 people, but don’t want to spend much money for renting expensive cars. I always recommend Toyota Avanza for them. People who have never used Toyota Avanza before may worry about its smaill engine, especially when there are 7 people in car.

Toyota Avanza is economic MPV, and it’s convenient for family use. We choose Toyota Avanza to be in our fleet because most people don’t want to spend much money for few days use of the cars on thier vacation. Although Toyota Avanza has small engine, but it’s good enough to carry 7 passengers. At least you can go anywher in Phuket, you can cross Patong hill, Kata, Karon or Kamla hill without any worry.

If we compare with local Phuket’s car Tuk Tuk, it has less than 1.0L engine. But Tuk Tuk can bring more than 10 passengers in car to anywhere in Phuket.

For one who usually drive powerful cars, you may feel a little uncomfortable when you drive Toyota Avanza at very first time. Sure it cannot has great power like most 2.0L – 3.0L engine MPVs, the acceleration is not good, but it’s ok for your traveling purpose.

In my opinion, Toyota Avanza’s engine power is not a problem. The only problem that I can think of now is space for luggage. If you have 7 people in car, there is very little space for your luggage. It’s the same problem with most MPV, when all seats occupied, the space in the back of the car is very little.

In case you have 7 people in car and  have to travel with a lot of luggage, just in short period, for example, from Phuket Airport to hotel. I always recommend our customers to hire a taxi for transfering luggage. By doing this, it may help you save your budget for traveling to Phuket.

By: Pure Car Rent – Phuket, Thailand