When you rent a car in Phuket, you don’t have to worry about parking fee, because it’s not expensive. You can park the car on street side with small parking fee (5-10 baht). There is no parking meter, you have to pay parking fee to government staff (usually wear brown uniform).

Phuket International Airport – Parking Fee
Parking fee at Phuket International Airport is one of the most expensive places in Phuket (as I know), the rates are shown below:
 15 Min – 1 Hr             20 baht
 1.05 Hrs – 2 Hrs       40 baht
 2.05 Hrs – 3 Hrs       50 baht
 3.05 Hrs – 6 Hrs       100 bhat
 6.05 Hrs – 24 Hrs    200 baht

Department Stores in Phuket – Parking Fee
Most department stores in Phuket do not collect parkinge fee except departmnet stores in Patong beach. Due to limited parking space in Patong, Junceylon Patong, one of the biggest shopping malls in phuket, collect expensive parking fee. But Junceylon’s customers can park a car 2-3 hours free if they have stores’ receipts.

Phuket Road Side Parking – Parking Fee
When you park a car in Phuket town, Patong beach, Kata beach, or some business area, you have to pay small parking fee to government staff. Parking out of town area, you don’t have to pay parking fee.

By: Pure Car Rent – Phuket, Thailand
Website: www.purecarrent.com