By Thai law, drivers need to have the driver’s license issued by the Department of Land Transport (Thai driver’s license) or international driver’s license. If you drive in Phuket without Thai or international driver’s license, you may have to pay fine. (Now, aroud 500 baht)

About insurance coverage, for Pure Car Rent‘s insurance, Thai, overseas or international driver’s license is acceptable for our insurance companies.  So if you drive Pure Car Rent‘s car with driver’s license issued by your country, you and the car are covered by insurance.

Some of our customers drive the cars with only their national driver’s license. I have ever asked them, they said the fine is cheaper than application for new international driver license.

In my opinion, in Phuket, police does not check the driver license unless you break the traffic law. If you don’t want to worry about this, and you plan to drive in Thailand, please apply for international driver’s liecnse before you travel to Phuket or Thailand.

I have driven in Phuket and Thailand for more than 10 years, I have never been stoped by police to check my driver’s license.

By: Pure Car Rent – Phuket, Thailand