Renting a car in Thailand, most companies rent their cars to hirers at the age of 20 years or above. To rent a car, hirers have to sign a rental agreement. According to Thai law, a person who become one’s legal age must be 20 years of age and above.

Some car rental companies do not aware of this matter. If the person who singed the rental agreement is not yet become one’s legal age, the agreement will  become voidable. This means the custodian/parents can cancel the agreement.

Beside this, some car rental companies (especially international car rental companies) are limit minimum age and/or maximum age of a hirer. Since the risk of causing accident is higher for young or old drivers, sometimes, there is a surcharge for young or old drivers.

For Pure Car Rent, the hirer’s age must turn 20 completely and the driver must has Thai driver’s license, other countries driver’s license and International driver’s license.

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