Green Season (May-October) is a special time to travel to Phuket (especially for those of Thais and expats in Thailand). Traveling in this season can save lot of budget compares to high season.

Green Season is a comfort , no rush, and budget saving season. If you plan to travel in this season, it is no need to book long time in advance for an accommodation and air ticket like you have to do in high season; except in weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Since low cost airlines operate to Phuket, there are more tourists travel to Phuket during weekend.

Why we said that “You can save lot of budget if travelling in Green Season”, because many hotels both city hotel and resort try to offer special price or launch special promotions for their customers. Car rental companies also offer cheaper car rental rate in Green Season.

How to plan travelling to Phuket in Green Season?

If let me recommend about planing your trip to Phuket, I think the main cost you should consider would be an accommodation and air ticket.From my experience, for hotels & resorts, you can get the cheapest price at  Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) events, for example, Thailand Travel Expo in Bangkok. Some hotels and resorts may be reduced room rate up to 80%. Stay in luxury resort in the 3-star hotels price would be great!

For air ticket, Air Asia (Airline) always offers special discount for booking in advance for the flights during green season. If you book via internet, you can get the cheapest price. However, long time booking in advance is require. Also, you can find low cost air ticket at TAT events.

If you don’t have the opportunity to go to TAT event, you can find an accommodation and air ticket from websites. In my opinion, booking in advance will be cheaper for 4-5 star hotel. But for 3 star hotels, booking in advance is not quite necessary, walk in guests can also get cheap prices.