Fuel Consumtion of Pure Car Rent’s Rental Cars
For our compact cars, Toyota Vios, Honda City, Honda Jazz, they consume approximately 10-15 kms/litre. If the cars are used in town area, the cars consumre 10-12 kms/litre. If they are used in long distance driving, the cars consume 13-15 kms/litre.

Fuel Capacity of Pure Car Rent’s Rental Cars
– Honda City      42 Litre/Tank
– Honda Jazz     42 Litre/Tank
– Toyota Vios    42 Litre/Tank
– Toyota Altis    55 Litre/Tank
– Toyota Avanza   45 Litre/Tank
– Isuzu Dmax     76 Litre/Tank

By: Pure Car Rent – Phuket, Thailand
Website: www.purecarrent.com