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– Don’t for get to drive on the LEFT in Thailand.

– Be careful of  motorbikes because the motorbikes may be on everywhere around you.

Be Careful cars and motorbikes from roadside or junction. Sometimes they just drive out without notice, although you are on the main street.

– Some cars or motorbikes may drive against you on roadside, espicially on ” Thep Krasattri” road.

In the center of Phuket town, there is a one-way road system. Please, observe the sign before drive on.

In Patong Beach area, there have two main roads on the beach front which is the one way system. Be careful when you want to drive from one road to another, because you have to drive on the right.

Before parking, please observe the traffic sign. Do NOT park along the road that show ” Do not Park” sign or on the footpath that paint
the ” White-Yellow” and “White -Red” color.

Do NOT leave the valuable things in your car. The bad people may break the windows, and take your stuff. This is not happen often, but it’s better to prevent it.

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* Driver’s License
To drive in Thailand, you need to have Thai or international driver’s license.

* Speed Limit
In town, speed limit is 50 km./hr.  On high way, speed limit is 90 km./hr.  However, you can see many cars driver more than speed limit.

* Seat Belt
By the law, driver and passenger in front seat need to wear seat belts.

* Alcohol
Do not drive after drink. If blood alcohol level exceed 50 mg. percent, the driver must be indicated. To be complied the law, most people cannot drink more than 2 glasses of beer.

* Parking Fee
Parking in some busy roads in Phuket town, Kata beach, Karon beach, Patong beach, .., you may have to pay parking fee. Mostly is 5-10 baht. There is no parking meter, there will be government staff (usually wear brwon uniform) collects money from you.

By: Pure Car Rent – Phuket, Thailand
Website: www.purecarrent.com

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