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Renting a car in Thailand, most companies rent their cars to hirers at the age of 20 years or above. To rent a car, hirers have to sign a rental agreement. According to Thai law, a person who become one’s legal age must be 20 years of age and above.

Some car rental companies do not aware of this matter. If the person who singed the rental agreement is not yet become one’s legal age, the agreement will  become voidable. This means the custodian/parents can cancel the agreement.

Beside this, some car rental companies (especially international car rental companies) are limit minimum age and/or maximum age of a hirer. Since the risk of causing accident is higher for young or old drivers, sometimes, there is a surcharge for young or old drivers.

For Pure Car Rent, the hirer’s age must turn 20 completely and the driver must has Thai driver’s license, other countries driver’s license and International driver’s license.

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By Thai law, drivers need to have the driver’s license issued by the Department of Land Transport (Thai driver’s license) or international driver’s license. If you drive in Phuket without Thai or international driver’s license, you may have to pay fine. (Now, aroud 500 baht)

About insurance coverage, for Pure Car Rent‘s insurance, Thai, overseas or international driver’s license is acceptable for our insurance companies.  So if you drive Pure Car Rent‘s car with driver’s license issued by your country, you and the car are covered by insurance.

Some of our customers drive the cars with only their national driver’s license. I have ever asked them, they said the fine is cheaper than application for new international driver license.

In my opinion, in Phuket, police does not check the driver license unless you break the traffic law. If you don’t want to worry about this, and you plan to drive in Thailand, please apply for international driver’s liecnse before you travel to Phuket or Thailand.

I have driven in Phuket and Thailand for more than 10 years, I have never been stoped by police to check my driver’s license.

By: Pure Car Rent – Phuket, Thailand

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There are many people want to rent a car for 7 people, but don’t want to spend much money for renting expensive cars. I always recommend Toyota Avanza for them. People who have never used Toyota Avanza before may worry about its smaill engine, especially when there are 7 people in car.

Toyota Avanza is economic MPV, and it’s convenient for family use. We choose Toyota Avanza to be in our fleet because most people don’t want to spend much money for few days use of the cars on thier vacation. Although Toyota Avanza has small engine, but it’s good enough to carry 7 passengers. At least you can go anywher in Phuket, you can cross Patong hill, Kata, Karon or Kamla hill without any worry.

If we compare with local Phuket’s car Tuk Tuk, it has less than 1.0L engine. But Tuk Tuk can bring more than 10 passengers in car to anywhere in Phuket.

For one who usually drive powerful cars, you may feel a little uncomfortable when you drive Toyota Avanza at very first time. Sure it cannot has great power like most 2.0L – 3.0L engine MPVs, the acceleration is not good, but it’s ok for your traveling purpose.

In my opinion, Toyota Avanza’s engine power is not a problem. The only problem that I can think of now is space for luggage. If you have 7 people in car, there is very little space for your luggage. It’s the same problem with most MPV, when all seats occupied, the space in the back of the car is very little.

In case you have 7 people in car and  have to travel with a lot of luggage, just in short period, for example, from Phuket Airport to hotel. I always recommend our customers to hire a taxi for transfering luggage. By doing this, it may help you save your budget for traveling to Phuket.

By: Pure Car Rent – Phuket, Thailand

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First of all you need to check the rules and regulations of the car rental companies. Most of the time you need to have:
– Passport / ID card
– Driver’s license
– Credit card
– Age above 20 (in Thailand)

Then you need to prepare your requirement about renting a car, so the car rental companies can give you a quote. The information needed for renting a car:
– Car Type: manual or automatic?, how many seats?
– Date & Time to pick up and drop off the rental car.
– Location to pick up and drop off the rental car.

If car rental companies get all information above, they can check the availability of the rental cars, and they can give you car rental rates. Please note that if you rent a car longer, you can get cheaper rate. In Phuket, car rental rates in high season (Nov – Apr), are more expensinve than the rates in low season (May – Oct). The most expensive rates are in peak period (20 Dec – 10 Jan).

If you have all information above, then you can book the car.
– Book via website. To rent a car in Phuket, you can check rates at .
– Book by phone.

On booking process, you need to comfirm your booking. You can confirm your booking by credit card or tranfer deposit to bank account.

By: Pure Car Rent – Phuket, Thailand

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